About us


You will find all sorts of people in the tbc family. We come from many different countries, we have many different occupations, and our ages range from 0-90. Some of us have attended church for many years, while others are trying it out for the first time. Some of us have believed in Jesus for many years, while others are still seeking.

We worship together, drawing on a variety of musical styles. We have fun together trying everything from karaoke to skittles to craft and quizzes. We get involved in our community in different ways, from providing a toddler group to taking part in the local art trail and helping out with COPP as they work to improve Perrett’s Park.

We’re a diverse family. But we do have one thing in common – we believe that Jesus is the One who came to bring all people, of every race, status and gender together to be his family. On fringe issues, we can disagree, but on the person of Jesus we are united. We warmly invite you to join this family of God. Come along any Sunday at 10.30am, or get in touch to find out more.