Welcome to tbc

Our first aim is to be a family of people who love and serve God together in South Bristol. Our second aim is to help people in our community to know Jesus, because we’re passionate about him.

We do this by teaching about Jesus every week, but also by demonstrating his love in practical ways.  We try to serve the community around us, we organise groups for young and old, and run courses for spiritual searchers.

Like many churches in the UK and beyond, we are exploring ways to continue doing these things without meeting together physically during the current Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak.
The Government have now allowed places of worship to re-open for public services. We know that our return to physical gatherings will be different to the last time we met together. We are developing our re-opening plans, and will only open the building when people can use the space(s) safely and will not put themselves or others at risk.

Until we re-open, we continue to support the church fellowship through a number of different ways:

  • We put together a short video service each week, which you can view using the Sermons page on this site.
  • We’ve also created resources for families to use together.
  • We’re meeting regularly via video chat to stay in touch.
  • We’re using a buddy system to make sure everyone is being contacted regularly and can be offered practical help where needed.
  • To find out more about any of these ways to engage with the tbc family, please get in touch using our contact form.

Read this message from our minister, Rev Iain Pope, for more information, both about our services and about pastoral care for those who are vulnerable.

Head and shoulders photo of two women members