Welcome to tbc

Our church’s policy is that you:

  • Wear a face covering (unless exempt) in the building.
  • Sit in one of the appropriately labelled ‘zones’, depending on your preference for you and others near to be socially distanced (or not) or singing (or not).
  • Respect the views of others, in particular maintaining social distancing.

Even though we are able to meet together in person, we appreciate that some may not feel comfortable attending a physical service at this time. We will be continuing with our Zoom provision alongside physical services.

We also offer practical and pastoral support to the church family and wider community. This includes phone calls, helping with grocery shopping, picking up prescriptions etc.

Please contact us for further details about any of the above.

Our first aim is to be a family of people who love and serve God together in South Bristol. Our second aim is to help people in our community to know Jesus, because we’re passionate about him.

We do this by teaching about Jesus every week, but also by demonstrating his love in practical ways.  We try to serve the community around us, we organise groups for young and old, and run courses for spiritual searchers.

Head and shoulders photo of two women members